Sunday, 27 May 2012

Working On Some New Songs

A short post. Currently working on a couple of songs from the Boys Talk days, the first is a reworking of an early demo with updated lyrics which is done, but now needs a video of some sort for my YouTube channel – and some rain! Taking a backing track from an old recording, I've enjoyed doing the vocals and harmonies, keeping true to what Mike and I did in those Halcyon days, whilst augmenting the sound, and so giving an old song a new lease of life. Coming soon...

The second imminent song, was an idea of Mike’s with a great chorus that I completed post Boys Talk, and have been jamming to for a few months; the song has some new bits and is just waiting for me to focus on the recording - taking it from rough to more polished. An upbeat song, inspiring, great to sing, with very positive message that with a little exposure may get picked up.

There is always something on the go, though with life's other pressures progress seems to be slow. It would be nice to be able to concentrate on doing music; there is a lot of material to work through. Maybe needs a plan.