Monday, 17 January 2011

Scratching That Itch

I'm beavering away on some songs at the moment – probably too many on the go to be honest. Though I've had a bit of cold – not great for getting down vocals (ahh!). Hopefully should have something new soon, so long as I focus! There are a couple of covers, including an obscure Beatles song amongst them, very different from how they did it (it's pointless trying to copy them).

I must admit if a little slow, I'm enjoying the process, and there is a certain sound emerging in part due to the harmonies I do. Always loved the richness of harmonies – The Everly Brothers, The Beatles of course, The Beach Boys… it takes a bit of practice, though once you get the hang of it or get that understanding with your singing partner it’s pretty natural. I think it really makes a difference to a song.

My recent YouTube upload 'Danny (Superstar)' hasn't had that many views as yet, though I've changed the uploaded video a couple of times – other uploads seem to have a bit of momentum. It has a story to it: one of talent, endeavour, fame and then it becoming too much. Whilst it is a critique of the modern talent show, they serve a purpose and give people a chance to make a career in the business – I'm just not sure if they are a vehicle for people who have a bit more to offer than singing. Some of it is very Roman Circus like. There is a sense of the conveyor belt. It will be interesting to see what happens to Matt who clearly has talent and a great voice, just hope he gets the chance to 'be himself' and to be original. I really was impressed that he brought his guitar to those performances.

The nice thing about the internet for musicians (frustrated or otherwise) is that instead of songs being confined to tapes in boxes in the corners of bedrooms, they can be liberated. I've always felt that I should be doing music, and I'm grateful to the new medium for access to a possible audience. It means I'm more motivated to do something. Some of the songs will be old to me – like Danny (Superstar) written as a student, even if it does have newly added bits making it more contemporary – but of course, they will be new to those who come across them.

Danny (Superstar)

The themes I write about – love found, love lost, hope, insecurity, wonder - are pretty universal. How people make a living out of it is another matter... that would be something!

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