Sunday, 27 February 2011

Inspiration and the Online Democracy

It’s been a while (oops!). In the interim I've managed to finish off a new song 'Just In Case' and do a little home-made video for it – this is now live on my YouTube site. There is another song recorded that needs a video to go with it… it's that cover of an obscure Beatles song (I'll say no more…).

Just In Case

'Just In Case' is my seventh video/song upload; it feels like progress… I set myself a goal of doing something with these songs that I have conjured up over the years. It feels like 'unfinished business', the need to be involved and to do something with my music has always been there, I suppose as the years race by, I regard these creations as part of me and my life, a sort of legacy. After all I'm not a working musician, just someone who is musical and can express himself through song. I have no idea where this journey will take me, I just feel I have to make it.

I think YouTube and the internet are fantastic, as tools and opportunities to showcase yourself. It's great that talent in whatever guise can put something out there and find an audience. I discovered Stevie Riks doing Beatles impressions through a 'word-of-mouse' link: there was a video of 'The White Album in 10 Minutes,' two blokes with a guitar and mic (a sheet behind them) running through these songs. I couldn't believe that 'John' and 'Paul' were the same, very talented guy, not only a first rate musician, but original and funny too. The videos are many, replete with humour and love, sometimes serious but always engaging.

It was that 'it doesn't matter if it's in the living room' aspect of this world that I found inspiring. If you think about it, YouTube and its world is democracy and people-power in action. Known for his home-made videos, I'm sure John Lennon would have loved it.

Chris Buckley and Mike Meade - Boys TalkSo, inspired by Steve, I made my first foray into the online world with a video of a song co-written with my 'Boys Talk' bandmate Mike Meade, 'You Make Me Feel Better' filmed a little self-consciously in the house and sung live to camera. As they say, journey of a thousand leagues begins with the first step… [This song since updated with a more polished version and video.]

I'm a big fan of blogs and the online community; to go all 1960s for a minute - 'it's where it's at!' The shared knowledge and discourse is great. And often puts the Main Stream Media (MSM) to shame, I'm attuned because probably, I'm a lot more cynical and questioning than in the past. You can search for the facts and make up your own mind, whether it's music, politics, economic issues, 'climate change', or just entertainment or a hobby - I have to laugh, as a young boy, living on the Mersey, I had a fascination with boats, and lo and behold, there are people out there who marvel at such things. Sort of reassuring in an 'I'm not so mad kind of way!'

Back to the music, the new song, for me goes back to my student days, and that whole 'boy-meets-girl' thing, and the trials and tribulations of 'fancying someone' but being too shy/scared/lacking in confidence to take the plunge; or maybe this love interest was somebody else's love interest. The human condition is such that once an obsession takes hold it's hard to shake off, and this is a song about that… feelings and longings shared I'm sure by more than share my slightly anoraky interest in ferries!

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